Attorney's Biographies

Attorney Biographies

Michael R. Hirsh is the managing partner for Hirsh & Heuser's Atlanta, Georgia office. Michael is licensed to practice law in Virginia, Kentucky, and Georgia. Additionally, he is admitted in numerous Federal District Courts, Courts of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Hirsh has litigated cases across the country at both the trial and appellate levels, serving in business, civil rights, criminal, personal injury, and First Amendment cases. Mr. Hirsh has served as lead counsel on numerous complex civil litigation and certain criminal matters in state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate level. His case management responsibilities and supervision duties span the legal spectrum from pre-filing research and negotiations, through extensive discovery, to conclusion at trial or settlement.

Transferring a skill set developed and honed from his extensive background in sales and marketing - including cold calling and all phases of business development - Michael is able to create, develop, and implement the firm's "Well Business Care" program to assist business decision makers to anticipate, minimize, and prevent civil and criminal exposure in an increasingly complex, volatile, and delicate environment. Consistent with these objectives and seeing the benefits of being proactive rather than reactive, Michael conducts brainstorming sessions and workshops to consider opportunities, business plans for new projects, and to develop ideas and solutions for existing situations.

With his extensive background in accounting as well as decades of experience in sales and marketing, Mr. Hirsh understands business. He is a goal oriented, decisive leader, with a proven record of quick-on-his-feet assessment, strategic thinking, and problem solving who thrives in dynamic environments yet remains focused and practical. Michael provides direction to business owners and integrates extensive business experience in an increasingly complex legal environment. As outside counsel to numerous small business, Mr. Hirsh had demonstrated proficiency at resolving conflicts, identifying and developing contingency plans, and communicating decisions and progress effectively to leaders in industry and business. Mr. Hirsh continuously develops and maintains partnerships with upper management to facilitate understanding and secure the objectives.


Vincent F. Heuser, Jr. is managing partner for Hirsh & Heuser's Louisville, Kentucky office. Vince is licensed in Kentucky's Courts and in the Uinited States Disctrict Court, United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, and the United States Tax Court. He has litigated criminal and civil cases in the trial and appellate levels of the district and circuit courts of Kentucky, the United States District Courts in several states and the US Tax Court. He has served as a Criminal Justice Act Attorney on complex criminal litigation, lead counsel on complex civil litigation and handled numerous civil and criminal matters in state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate level. His case management and supervision duties have included pre-filing research and negotiations, extensive discovery, to conclusion at trial or settlement.

Mr. Heuser was a criminal investigator for the United States Treasury Department, U.S. Customs Service, before being admitted to the Kentucky Bar. With an extensive background in chemical engineering, construction, information technology and all aspects of small business administration, he is able to assist even the most technically complex businesses with the legal aspects of taxation, sales and marketing, business development, intellectual property, contracts and collections including complex tax matters and white collar accusations to anticipate and minimize or prevent civil and criminal exposure in today's increasingly corrosive business environment. Mr. Heuser can work with your engineers, CPA and other experts to protect and advance your business.

Mr. Heuser is also a licensed real estate broker and well versed in commercial and complex residential real estate matters. He is advisor to numerous condominium associations and can assist buyers and sellers with issues in real estate transactions and development issues.