Buying at Auction? Get Legal Help on the FRONT end!

Imagine you spent weeks learning how to buy properties at the foreclosure sales conducted by the county Commissioner.  You’ve done your homework and verified the deed and yes, it shows three tracts making up the one property.   There is a house on one of the tracts.  You thoughtfully capped your bidding and before you reach the limit the Commissioner says, “Sold, to the newcomer sitting here up front!”  You look around.   You’re it.  You’ve just bought your first property.   How exciting!

You pay in your money and the Commissioner sends it out to to all the claimants.  Then you get a notice saying the Plaintiff made a mistake.  The foreclosure was only on the one of the tracts, not all three.   You’ve paid full price but only get one tract.  In the meantime, the house falls down.  As a first experience, this is not ideal.   Now you hire a lawyer to see if you can get back your money from the messed up sale!

The better way would have been to retain the lawyer before you go to the sale.  When you buy something at the auction, pay the deposit and call the lawyer from the sale to give him your happy news, so he can run a title search immediately.  That way, you won’t pay good money for a defective sale!  Happy hunting!

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